Hello, I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Compliance New Mexico LLC ("CNM"). I am an attorney who has formed many companies over the years.  I started CNM so that there would be a perpetual Registered Agent for companies that I formed because the companies themselves are perpetual.  Of course, I am mortal and I have already begun to focus on retirement and want to build something that outlasts my tenure at the helm. So I expanded the mission of CNM and brought in partners. 

My partners are both younger than I and many of our customers are even younger.  For most of my legal career, my clientele has been older adults with grown families.  These clients want to preserve and protect assets, both so they will have comfort in their retirement and so that their children and grandchildren will have something of a head start. Now I am also serving their adult children and grandchildren. 

 I was an unusual estate planner thirty years ago because I focused my practice on middle class professionals and executives whose net worth was under the threshold of the federal estate tax.  Most of my colleagues looked to the wealthy as their target market.  This was before it became apparent that American wealth has become so concentrated in the hands of so few.  I, myself, am the daughter of a union plumber and I am proud of the inheritance my parents saved for me.

I am an honors graduate of the University of Chicago.  I spent several years working in journalism before returning to law school in my native Iowa.  After law school, I moved immediately to the sunny Southwest and very soon I was a busy sole practitioner.  In Iowa, there are several Main Street lawyers in every town.  In New Mexico, legal practices are more litigation-centered, but I have always worked to prevent disputes and, if they arise, to resolve them without protracted court appearances. 

Although I never aspired to be a corporate lawyer, I am pleased I have become a "company attorney" for so many entities.  Tax law often favors those who use an entity structure wisely.  Accountants are usually respected advisers of the business owners who rely upon them and I enjoy working collaboratively with CPAs, enrolled agents and tax accountants.  Lately, because of the favorable position of New Mexico LLCs, I work with professionals from all across the country.



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The Armchair Lawyer began as a newsletter in the late 1980s and has matured into a blog that includes essays in the challenges of professionalism in general and legal professionalism in particular. Lynn McKeever has been practicing law in New Mexico since 1984, focusing on wills, trusts and estates and utilizing New Mexico LLCs as family holding companies.  Before becoming a lawyer and from time to time while she has been practicing, Lynn worked as a journalist.  Communicating news and information have always been the tasks that Lynn loves best.  She enjoys thoughtful conversation and fosters a problem-solving approach among her clients and colleagues.

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Professional Ethics
in a Market-Based World


  • B.A. University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, special honors in the College

  • J.D. University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Certificates in Marketing and Organizational Behaviour, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland


  • Society of Financial Service Professionals; current
  • New Mexico State Bar, 1984-present, Sections: Real Property and Probate; Wills; Trusts and Estate;  Elderlaw
  • New Mexico Estate Planning Council. 1985-present
  • New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, through 2010 
  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, through 2011
  • Albuquerque Independent Business Owners Association, through 2011.
  • Trustee, Jewish Community Endowment Fund, through 2011
  • Albuquerque Trusted Advisor Network, through 2011
  • Cancer Support Now, Inc. Volunteer Attorney
  • New Mexico Bar Foundation. lifetime member
  • Lawyers in the Schools, former grade school volunteer
  • High School Mock Trial, former judge
  • Women Entrepreneurs, former president