​Since you are intending to place valuable assets into your LLC, you want to be cautious so that you can have management control and favorable tax consequences. You want the company to be saleable, inheritable, and able to grow in the future, shedding assets and acquiring others. You want to create bank and investment accounts for your company. 

In other words, you need legal advice and assistance. You would be foolish to start a company in New Mexico without an expert on New Mexico law on board. We can work with the advisers you already trust, or we can refer you to other professionals with the appropriate expertise. We have extensive professional networks with practitioners in every state.  Our partner, Compliance New Mexico LLC, can work directly with legal professionals from out-of-state and our partner,McKeever Legal Advisor LLC, can work with your accountants, real estate professionals, financial planners and YOU to fully realize both advantages of New Mexico law and the confidentiality of an attorney-client relationship.

The most important time to gather advice and counsel is before you take any action.  While the simple forms for starting a New Mexico LLC are available free from the Secretary of State and the cost for filing them is only $50, you probably do not want the management structure provided by statute.  You could face the additional time and expense of amending your Articles of Organization.

You can continue to do your research by visiting the Secretary of State’s website with the link below.  When you become a client, we will handle your filings for you.

New Mexico LLCs protect assets everywhere!

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You have done your research well. ​​​You have learned that a New Mexico LLC is a convenient, inexpensive legal entity to hold title to one or more of your assets. You have learned here in New Mexico we do not have annual taxes, fees or reporting requirements associated with our LLCs and we do not obtain data about the owners of your company. You may also have learned that you can create a LLC in New Mexico for $50 and that there are various registered agent services that charge a reasonable annual fee. 

Or work with us!