And build your team!  Often the suggestion to form a family holding company comes from another professional like a real estate broker or tax accountant.  If the adviser is not from New Mexico, s/he may not know about the advantages of a New Mexico company and s/he may refer you somewhere else.  We will be happy to talk with out-of-state professionals without charge for the conversat

NM LLC / Getting Started

ATTORNEY MADE COMPANIES   offers you the opportunity to retain your own company attorney who can  assist you right away by crafting an Operating Agreement for your company that allows you to manage the company safely and efficiently. Your attorney will be able to craft trusts, deeds, and acquisition documents now and in
the future.  You will be able to call your attorney at 505-991-1948 with all your questions. 

BUT FIRSTwe need to learn about you and your needs..Please follow this link and  fill out  this QUESTIONNAIRE  that will assist us in forming your New Mexico LLC. 

Take the time to look it over and send it back to us by email at

 It will save both your time and ours.  It will be difficult for us to give you an estimate for the cost of our services without knowing the data that drives the process.