​Often the recommendation to form a family holding company comes from another professional like a real estate broker or tax accountant. Frequently, the idea originates with an estate planning attorney.  If the attorney or adviser is not from New Mexico, s/he may not know about the advantages of a New Mexico company and s/he may refer you somewhere else.  We will be happy to talk with out-of-state professionals without charge for the conversation.

Please ask your team to call/text us at 505-661-1948, or emal:

We can work with the advisers you already trust, or we can refer you to other professionals with the appropriate expertise. We have extensive professional networks with practitioners in every state.  Our partner, Compliance New Mexico LLC, can work directly with legal professionals from out-of-state and our partner,

McKeever Legal Advisor LLC  can work with your accountants, real estate professionals, financial planners and YOU to fully realize both advantages of New Mexico law and the confidentiality of an attorney-client relationship.


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